Derek Olds’ talent has been shared with some of today's hottest national acts such as Prince, Oprah Winfrey, Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber, NeYo, Common, R. Kelly, Little Big Town, Nick Jonas, & Janelle Monáe - to name a few.  His open-mindedness and extreme influences, crossing the arc from Bjork and Radiohead, to Garth Brooks, Peter Gabriel and Tiësto have both new and established artists fighting for his time to produce/mix/master their current projects.  His rigorous charity and performance schedules over the past decade have spread his influence and music over 5 continents in almost every genre you can think of.

Hailing from the historic musical air of Memphis, Derek started composing as soon as he could write, and wasted no time starting a band and touring independently. His intense itinerary on the road and in the studio have developed a loyal and motivated fan base. With each set, he breaks the barrier between artist and audience, with a voice that is haunting and stirring. "I want to tell the whole story, the entire world I am experiencing, every word, every note.” - a sensibility reaching the ears with roots in timeless rock, but surprising with electronic rhythms and modern soundscapes.

On top of his Artist and Producing pursuits, Derek is currently a Professor at The Los Angeles Film & Recording School in Hollywood, and is also heavily involved in the Audio Engineering/Tech world.  From 2014 to 2018, he has been honored to run the Celemony: Melodyne booths at NAMM, AES, IMSTA, and the Grammy P&E party. We often hear him mention the 'computer' as just another instrument - another tool to convey emotion. As a result, he has strived and excelled in every aspect of modern music from writing, to performing, to production and sound engineering, resulting in truly individual records.

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by Derek Olds


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